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(Updated May 29, 2020)

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  • 38,000 Rhode Islanders have downloaded the CRUSH COVID RI mobile app. Governor Raimondo said those numbers need to increase to 50,000 downloads in order to remain effective in tracking the virus.

  • Gov Raimondo will sign an executive order to officially begin Phase 2 of the reopening on Monday. Here are the metrics the state used to move forward: 
  • Hospital capacity: Less than 70% of hospital beds for COVID-19 patients are filled. Currently, less than 30% of beds are filled and there's been a steady decline of hospitalizations for about a month.
  • New hospitalizations: Consistently seeing 30 or fewer new hospitalizations daily. Currently, Gov Raimondo says "most days" hospitals are seeing hospitalizations in the high-teens to low-20s daily.
  • Rate of spread: Infections of the virus from person-to-person remain low (measured at 1.1 R-value or lower). Currently, Rhode Island is at an R-value of .7 compared to a value of 4 just a few months ago.
  • Doubling rate of hospitalizations: Hospitalizations doubling every 30 days or more. Currently, Gov Raimondo says there's been "no doubling at all."

  • Phase 3 of the reopening could start July 1st, assuming hospitalizations and infections remain low.

  • Gov Raimondo said businesses can't open on Monday if they haven't completed the COVID-19 control plan. The state will be ramping up inspections of businesses to ensure plans are completed and safety guidelines are met.

  • Visitations at nursing homes and senior living centers will not be permitted during the Phase 2 reopening. But visitations to DCYF group homes and adult correctional institutions can reopen under strict guidelines.

  • Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott says the state has completed the first two rounds of cyclical testing for nursing home residents and staff. It's involved testing 7,500 people at 85 nursing homes. Alexander-Scott says the state is well into the third round of testing, with 20 nursing homes already getting tested.

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  • Gov. Gina Raimondo on Thursday said restaurants and most other businesses can begin to open on Monday. Under phase 2 guidelines, restaurants can operate at 50% capacity and personal service businesses, like hair salons, will be required to use a reservation system to minimize gathering and retain contact information. Stand-alone bars will remain closed. 

  • Organized sports will also return Monday, with restrictions. In light of recent CDC guidelines and plans proposed by athletic organizations, Governor Raimondo is allowing sports to resume under a 15-person capacity. League and tournament play will be delayed until at least July. Masks and practical social distancing are still encouraged.

  • The state has approved an additional $5 million for its emergency rental assistance fund. Applicants can receive up to $5,000 in funding. All COVID related evictions will not be adjudicated until July 1st. The state is working to formulate a more long term plan, including a mediated settlement for landlords and tenants.  

  • Gov. Gina Raimondo on Wednesday said gyms will be allowed to open on Monday when the second phase of the state's reopening plan is expected to begin. Gyms must obey guidelines and screen staff and customers for symptoms of COVID-19. The state is also recommending that gyms close all communal areas and require customers to preregister for classes.

  • Houses of worship are allowed to open with 25% capacity, and people must wear masks and stay six feet apart (although members of choirs must stand at least 14 feet apart). And 15 people will be allowed to attend funerals during phase two.