We want your questions about what you can do to help our planet. Whatever your question, you can ask it on our question page here. If your topic is chosen, we'll answer it on the air.

In this era of unprecedented environmental change, gloom and doom are easy to come by. So are endless “solutions.” Ban plastic straws? Drive an electric car? Buy organic? The list can get pretty overwhelming. The team at Possibly looks at the science behind proposed solutions - to help you cut through the noise and make choices that, possibly, will make a difference.

The world is warming, sea level is rising, species are going extinct - and if humans keep burning fossil fuels and forests it will only happen faster. Every day we are told to do better, to make changes to our lives to help “save the planet.” But we can’t do everything, and even if we did, would it matter?

Possibly is here to answer those questions. We dive deep into the field of sustainability science, reporting out what is known, and what we don’t know, about how the environment is changing and what we can do about it. We focus here in our home state of Rhode Island, but answer questions that are asked by people all over the country and the world.

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Possibly Team

  • Founding Members: Megan Hall, Stephen Porder, and Nancy Pick
  • Host: Megan Hall
  • Science Advisor/Executive Producer: Stephen Porder
  • Executive Producer: Torey Malatia
  • Managing Producers: Ashley Junger, Fatima Husain
  • Theme song and sound design: Tom Van Buskirk
  • Logo: Marianne Harrison
  • Senior Reporters: Luci Jones, Harrison Katz
  • Reporters: Kolya Shields, Charlie Adams, Marin Warshay, Albert Wu, Emily Tom, Janek Schaller, Juliana Merullo, Naomi Deokule
  • Former Reporters: Lauren Black, Tammuz Frankel, Olivia George, Dana Kurniawan, Molly Magid, Dana Altoaimi, Isha Chawla, Brendan Gardner, Maxwell Kozlov, Yune Jee Bang