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The expanded testing will reach at-risk areas and essential workers throughout the city.

The city launched a joint pilot program earlier this month to test commercial fishing crews by bringing mobile testing to the New Bedford waterfront. Now, Southcoast Health and City of New Bedford program will aim to reach a predominantly Spanish-speaking workforce in the fish processing and manufacturing industries. These workers tend to work in close-quarters cutting and deboning seafood, processing recyclables, and manufacturing goods.

"We want to make sure that we’re doing, maybe not enough testing, but at least some testing to detect the possible outbreak of the virus at larger workplaces," Mitchell said.

The mobile site will also provide workers with medical interpreters and educational resources in multiple languages.

The announcement follows two emergency orders made by the city requiring companies to report confirmed or suspected COVID-19 workers to the health department and mandate industrial facilities to adopt safety procedures to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

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