In recent years, so many of us have become keenly aware of people struggling with homelessness. We see them at traffic intersections, huddling in doorways, and sleeping under bridges. Many others are hidden from view. In Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, an impressive coterie of professionals spends their days and nights reaching out to those in need, offering them support and services. Today we have a conversation with one of the most remarkable of these unsung heroes, psychiatrist Dr. Craig Kaufmann, Dr. Kaufmann spends considerable time connecting with vulnerable people, not only in his office, but at bus shelters, fast food restaurant parking lots, and street curbs.  

Craig Kaufmann is a psychiatrist and clinical associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University. He provides psychiatric care at the Providence VA Medical Center and at two community programs that serve individuals experiencing homelessness: ACCESS-RI, a program of House of Hope CDC and Housing First Rhode Island, a program of Thrive Behavioral Health. In 2014, Dr. Kaufmann began weekly street outreach with homeless outreach expert and advocate Megan Smith, which has been a transformative experience.