Megan Hall: Welcome to Possibly, where we take on huge problems like the future of our planet and break them down into small questions with unexpected answers. I’m Megan Hall. 

2020 was quite a year, and I know pretty much everyone is hoping 2021 will be better. So, our Possibly team got together to think about some New Year’s Resolutions that fit with the themes of our show.  

Here’s what everyone had to say….

Luci Jones:

Hi, I'm Luci Jones. I'm a reporter for possibly, and I was inspired by the episode we did on rental fashion a few months ago, which showed how harmful cleaning transportation and production of new clothes can be. 

So, this year, I want to embrace the idea of making the most of what I already have. Whether that be by sharing my clothes with my friends, repurposing old clothes, or taking care of my closet in a more intentional and sustainable way.

Harrison Katz:

Hi, Harrison Katz here. This year my resolution is to roll down the windows more when I'm driving inside roads because it heavily reduces my carbon footprint when I'm driving and it's a quick change

Fatima Husain:

Hi, I'm Fatima Husain. And I was inspired by our episodes on paper products and recycling, specifically toilet paper and recycling printer paper. So this year, I want to try to use a lot less paper and think about more renewable strategies I can employ.

Megan Hall:

Hi, I'm Megan Hall. I'm the host of Possibly. And I've been inspired by our feminine hygiene episode. So this is the year I'm ditching tampons, and buying period underwear.

Stephen Porder:

Hi, I'm Stephen Porder. I'm the founder of possibly and sometimes our science advisor. As some of you might know, I'm on sabbatical in Paris this year. And so we sold our cars before we left the United States, and we've been living car-free here in Paris. 

I don't think that we're going to be car-free when we come back to the United States. But my new year's resolution is to never buy another internal combustion engine. So we're going to be all-electric from now on.

Isha Chawla:

Hi, I'm Isha Chawla. And this year I've decided that I'm going to stop buying us fashion altogether because I thought it was fine to shop less from fast fast fashion outlets but I've decided that I'm just gonna stop buying them altogether.

Max Kozlov:

Hi everybody, I’m Max Kozlov and this year I was inspired by our episode on driftnets, So I want to buy more locally sourced and sustainable seafood.

Thanks, everyone! And Happy New Year!

That’s it for today. For more information, or to ask a question about the way you recycle, use energy, or make any other choice that affects the planet, go to the public’s radio dot org slash possibly. 

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