Last Thursday on Artscape, we reviewed the musical “Assassins” at The Gamm Theatre. The next day, they suspended all performances. Not only because they couldn’t host an audience, but because social distancing isn’t possible on stage. We talked with Tony Estrella, artistic director of The Gamm Theatre.

You can support The Gamm Theatre on their website.

The Vox Hunters are Armand Aromin and Benedict Gagliardi. You can find their music at their Bandcamp page.

Virtual Henna - Henna by Heather. You can find Heather Caunt-Nulton's work on her website, or her Instagram page.

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts - Coronavirus and the arts: Resources and Updates.

AS220 - You can find information about AS220's response to COVID-19 on their website and make a donation there as well.

Heather was kind enough to offer a virtual Henna to Artscape producer, James Baumgartner. Here's how she described it: "This is a Moroccan style design. Specifically, it is Fessi style - from the city of and region around Fez." This picture also features a custom pencil created for Artscape by Dan Wood, creator of the Linotype Daily.