JHON: So the news here, I think it was worldwide. The news, all the hour of news here was the Capitol, and this is going on. So most of the people here think it’s very crazy. And they're calling it el despelote. Which means like, “the mess.” Because it's like, is outrageous, like people in Colombia, they don't think something like this will happen in the United States. “No, that's crazy. How?” Because we think that people in the United States, everybody's very cultural and very well-educated and stuff like that. And at some point is not just being educated or not, but being, I don't know, mad about something. And I feel that as an immigrant and being in the United States and feeling discriminated against, because I'm latino, and I kind of look latino, so probably that helps. So, at some point, I feel that Trump, sadly, gave people the right to say whatever they feel like saying against people and discriminate people. And it's sad to see this, that people were so mad that they thought doing what they did going into the capital and, and just entrarse la fuerza. Sorry, I don’t know how to say in English.

ANA: Entering with force.

JHON: Okay, that entering with force was okay. And it's not. Here in Colombia, we see it as, yeah, the madness.

ANA: Something else that came up yesterday, I don't know if you heard this. But former President George W. Bush commented on the situation. And he said that this is the action of a “banana republic.” And as somebody who is from Colombia, which at times has been called a banana republic, how does that sit with you? Calling it that?

JHON: I didn't hear that one. But I heard the one that Mario Rubio, who is Latino. 

ANA: Marco Rubio, yeah. 

JHON: Yeah. And he said in a quote, “this is third world style, anti American anarchy.” End quote. When I heard that one, I feel bad. I feel mad. Because how dare you? You are Latino...How dare you say something like that? Who makes you think that third world countries – We are not animals, we are not people who just are violent because we want to or because that's all we do….I feel sad that people will say something like that that is okay in a third world country for that to happen, but not there. But it happened there. So you have to wake up and see that your so beautiful and so amazing country is not anymore because of people like you, people like Mario Rubio, and people like Trump, and people, like the followers of Trump, who are making it impossible for all these people who have lived there for so many years, people from all around the world be scared of even going out. America will be great again when we understand that we are all equal, no matter the color of our skin, no matter how much we know...no matter how well educated or educated you are, but how you treat others.

So yeah, I feel sad that the United States is not what it used to be. I live there between 95 and 2000. So for five years, I lived there, I was a teenager. But now that he went back almost 20 years later, I feel that is very different. People do not respect each other anymore that was gone in is probably because of this last president. So it will be nice to see the United States where I lived back 20 years ago.

ANA: Whoa, yeah. That's, that's a really interesting and very helpful perspective for me, too. Do you think, so, President Trump only has two more weeks in office. Do you think that anything should happen to him legally? Or, you know, like, what are your thoughts on his role as the president and any sort of legal consequences that didn't happen to him or his supporters?

JHON: I think what he's doing is like, just getting people to protect him, so he won't have to be in front of the judges, and they're gonna tell him what he did bad. And he might go to jail. And I think it will be nice for him as a person to be there for a while ...And at some point, I probably understand as a person, what, where he comes from at some point, but but just putting so much hate how they're, so people will follow you on that hate is not good. And he's not good for you as a person is not good for the community is not good for a country.

ANA: I think that's really helpful. .. So I really appreciate talking with you. And on such short notice, too, so I really appreciate that.

JHON: Nice, thank you for the opportunity.

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