Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Chairwoman Erin Lynch Prata (D-Warwick) said she's "extremely hopeful" that a bill meant to ensure abortion rights will move ahead to the full Senate before the General Assembly ends it session.

Lynch Prata tells The Public's Radio that Senate President Dominick Ruggerio has assigned a small working group of senators to try to make changes that will assure Judiciary Committee passage of the bill.

"We continue to move forward" she said, "and we continue to look at language and sit and talk about what language what language we think can be best for [preserving] what our status quo is."

The Judiciary Committee last week rejected the Senate version of the abortion bill and held for study the House version.

Supporters and opponents of abortion are maintaining a steady presence at the Statehouse.

With the end of session approaching, Lynch Prata said she wants to make sure that Judiciary Committee members have adequate time to review changes to the abortion bill.

"I am extremely hopeful that this can be done before the end of this [legislative] year," she said. "I'm extremely hopeful within the next couple of weeks we can come up with some solution, some language, that we can pass through Judiciary."