Makeshift food drive-throughs have popped up at schools across Rhode Island. Public Schools are closed for the week to stem the spread of coronavirus --  but many are serving as pick-up locations for breakfasts and lunches, which many children receive at school.

At George J. Peters elementary in Cranston, the only sign of life at the building, normally home to almost 300 students, is one lone cafeteria worker. For the last two days, she’s spent several hours waiting outside for cars to pull up and receive bagged lunches. 

On Tuesday, the options were turkey or ham sandwiches, or something called a bagel-bag. Parents don’t even need to get out of the car.

“We’re under quarantine,” Melissa Bradshaw explained. “I’m not taking my children out of the house. Two of them go to West.” 

Cranston West High School is closed for two weeks, after a student there tested positive for coronavirus last week. All students and faculty at the school are completing a two week self-quarantine.

“We’re all under quarantine, we’re kind of just sticking in the house rather than going out.” Bradshaw said. 

An added benefit of the lunch pickup?

“It’s also getting us out of the house for a few minutes.”

Parents said they’ve been able to keep kids and themselves occupied without going stir-crazy. But it’s still early. Announcements about further school shutdowns are expected later this week. 

Here's a list of all the food pick-up sites across Rhode Island.