The Rhode Island takeover of the Providence schools is one step closer to reality. The proposal released Thursday could strip jurisdiction over the schools from the Providence school board, city council, and the mayor's office and consolidate power with the Rhode Island Department of Education or RIDE, and commissioner Angelica Infante-Green.

The proposal outlines the process by which the Department of Education could assume control over the city's schools, as well as the historical solutions city and state leaders and agencies have attempted in past years.

“RIDE tried to intervene on many points,” said Infante-Green, referencing numerous attempts by the state to improve the school system. “I think with our current ability they did what they could at the time, that’s why we’re changing what we’re doing."

The state takeover of an entire school district would be a first in Rhode Island.

Much attention has been paid to the poor state of the city school’s infrastructure, the state is spending millions over the summer to fix issues in the buildings. Infante-Green said after clean, safe schools, her emphasis will be on the quality of teaching.

A takeover would put the state in charge of school staffing, including teachers, principals, and administrators.

“The driver is what happens in the classroom, everything else contributes to it,” said Infante-Green. “A lot of focus has been given to the buildings but that’s just one of the many pieces that needs to be in place.

Major players in the district have voiced support for drastic state intervention, including Mayor Jorge Elorza.

"By invoking their powers under the Crowley Act, the state will be able to help realize the vision that our entire community has for our schools," Elorza said in a statement. "Though transformational change is difficult, I believe this is the best route to achieve it."

If the takeover plan moves forward Infante-Green will likely take the reins in late October or early November. Additionally, Infante-Green will likely install a new superintendent.