ANA: Do you remember the first election that you voted in? 

JULIUS: Yes. I was here when Richard Nixon was in trouble with Spiro Agnew and Thomas Eagleton and George McGovern. That was my first presidential election. I wasn't able to vote at that time, but I was consumed in how America preach that nobody's above the law. I do not believe an American president will ever do a thing like that. 

It was very very sad. Really really sad. If this had happened in the continent of Africa or any of the countries, it could be called a coup d'etat. There's no ifs or buts about that.

ANA: Do you have any family in Nigeria still about what our friends that are like commenting on it at all?

JULIUS: I have a lot. And it has been total joke…. Before the election, the point was everybody was saying, "We are getting ready for you to relocate." Because this is going to happen. Immigrants are not wanted. And what we say is, “Everything that makes America great was done and continues to be done by immigrants.” And the proof is right there in our face. Now, after the election, we will say “Okay, we are not relocating anymore…” Yesterday was “Okay, you really want to stay or you're thinking about moving?” You know, so my family's just laughing. It's just a joke. It's a joke, a disgrace, sad. 

ANA: Growing up in Nigeria, did you ever see anything like this?

JULIUS: No, no, but we've seen a series of coups that has happened. Nigeria has had its own experience around staging coups, and things like that. I do believe there is never a coup, we'll have some back up support: communications and logistics and things like that. And I think yesterday was similar. There must have been some communication, there must have been logistics. That kind of many people do not arrive at a location without some logistics without some planning. That cannot be impromptu. It just cannot be. And I wonder, really wonder given what I saw in 2020, about a black man be shot from the back. The Black Lives Matter. I just wonder if those people were Black, how many will be dead?  Yesterday and today, I think we are just processing maybe trying to recover from the shock

ANA: Yeah, yeah, that's part of, I think, why I'm calling you because you are a leader in so many ways, and I trust your opinion, and I do really appreciate you sharing it with me. Is there anything else that you want to share?

JULIUS: Let us all rise up. Let all of us be hopeful because we cannot and should not permit anything like this to happen again.

When leadership is missing, there is no direction. There is no hope. Hope is light. And if there's no hope there's no direction. Everybody go in different direction. And that's a mob scene. So, I do hope for the sake of this country for the sake of every citizen of this country, the leaders will rise up and think about this country and enough of being a laughing stock to the rest of the world. I hope the leaders will stand up make sure this is not going to happen again. 

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