With live sound effects and a handful of actors, the story of beleaguered building and loan owner George Bailey, and his affable helper angel, Clarence, unfolds on fateful Christmas Eve as you've never heard it before. This captivating, life-affirming story is a holiday treat for the entire family.

Tune in online or on-air:

December 24th: 6:30 PM

December 25th: 2:00 PM

December 31st: 6:30 PM

January 1st: 2:00 PM


Tony Estrella - George Bailey

Fred Sullivan - Potter, Sam, Clarence, Schultz, Ed, Binky, Examiner, Ed

Madeleine Lambert - Mary, Rose, Marty

Cliff Odle - Joseph, Campbell, Bert, Randall, Mr. Welch

Jeff Church - Harry, Ernie, Collins, Tom, Horace, Nick, Pete, Bridge Keeper, Cop

Lynsey Ford - Violet, Matilda, Ruth, Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Thompson, Janie

Emily Turtle - Announcer, Zuzu

Richard Noble - Gower, Billy, Martini, Peter, Tommy, Sheriff

DJ Potter - Foley Artist

William Malloy - Foley Artist

Damon Kiely - Director

Jessica Hill - Stage Manager/Production Manager

Charles Cofone - Music Director

James Baumgartner - Sound Engineer and Editor

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