Jeffrey Wright: Yeah, so right now, Block Island is right in the center of the eye, or just off the center of the eye of the storm. And we've got bright blue skies, really hot sun, and kind of a gentle breeze out of the southwest.

Sofie Rudin: Is that different from what you had a couple, 30 minutes ago?

Wright: Yeah, it was kind of a nice, nice change. Because from about 6, 7 o'clock this morning, the storm really rolled in fast. We actually had some solar panels blow off the roof at the power company. And that's that's never happened before. So we had some pretty strong winds out of the east. But yeah, around 11 o'clock things shifted. And we're doing much better right now. 

We only had three, we only had three outages and all those have been restored. But National Grid's outages on the mainland are really raising havoc with us. We know that they're down to just one transmission line feeding the Wakefield area, which is the area that the cable comes from. So we've been completely shut down three or four times for just you know, 30 seconds at a time. But we're really kind of on pins and needles until National Grid makes some repairs on the mainland. But we're in real close contact with the National Grid control center. So we do everything in concert with them.

Rudin: Yeah. Well, I hope you're enjoying your little breath of sunlight. That's such a wild thing that you're having this moment of calm.

Wright: It's a really cool thing. We've got some some birds that obviously were a little bit dazed by the storm who were seeking shelter under the bushes in front of the power company and the island is inundated right now with dragonflies. I don't know where the dragonflies came from. But there's literally dragonflies everywhere. 

Rudin: Wow. 

Wright: So it's really cool. So Mother Nature's definitely, she's definitely impressive. And she's nobody to nobody to fool with for sure.

Rudin: And do you think it's going to pick back up as it passes over you?

Wright: Yeah, we know that we're going to get... You know, obviously the eye is going to pass over us. And on the backside of this, we know we're going to get some gusts back in the 50-60 mile an hour range, but they're going to be from a different direction. For this island, that's actually a good thing because southwest winds are actually better for us than the east that we have this morning. So I'm sure we'll have some lingering problems. And I'm sure we've still got some damage out there that we don't know about. But for the most part we fared the storm pretty well. At least the first half. 

But I can tell you, I can tell you from living through it, it doesn't really matter if it's a hurricane or tropical storm. It was pretty scary.

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