People in Providence joined thousands of young people across the globe, in demonstrations demanding government action on climate change.

Students, parents and a few teachers gathered downtown before marching toward National Grid offices, then to the statehouse. Protesters demanded government action to stem climate change, and the adoption of the Green New Deal.

The students represented private, charter and public schools, including in Providence where students did not get permission to leave, including a group of high school students at Classical High School.

“I’m more worried about the climate than my homework,” one said.

“We as a society talk often about the future of young people, these sort of banal talking points that you hear all the time about children,” said Liam Hopkins, an organizer with the Sunrise Movement, a nonprofit that helped put the Providence gathering together. “It couldn’t be any more real [than] in the context of a climate crisis.

The Sunrise Movement is pushing politicians to support progressive climate change policies and refuse money from fossil fuel companies.

Jane Cratch was among the onlookers watching the protesters from the sidewalk, and said she thinks there’s been a surge in political activism.  

“I’ve seen it a lot in the up and coming generation, and I’m real super proud of them,” Cratch said. “I feel like my generation dropped the ball. We went from being hippies to yuppies and it wasn’t a good thing for climate or democracy. So this is great.