"My son who was a teenager was walking, I sent him to get milk or something, and he got stopped. 

And [the cop] said to him, “Empty your pockets on the car.” And now he's carrying the milk. And then my son, being a kid, he's like, “Why?” [And the cop was] like, “Because I got a description of someone that looks just like you selling drugs.” He's like, “Was he carrying milk?” 

And so when he came home, my son was upset. Tears in his eyes. Not the most emotional kid  but I tell you in that moment, he got really emotional. Which really quick sent me back thinking about experiences when I grew up. 

And so I called down to the station. And when I called down to the station, I was like, really, as a father, crazed by the fact that they had no record of my son just being stopped. 

But my son has told that story, now he's in his 20s, a thousand times. Each to this day, and he was a teenager then, tells it with emotion. 

Now, they didn't physically touch him or anything else. But the conversation belittled him.

What sticks with me is I’ve gone throughout this country, I’ve gone overseas to defend this nation, and came back to my home state and couldn’t protect my own child. 

That’s shameful to me."