During this student-led briefing, Gov. Raimondo announced that camps are a possibility this summer but they’ll operate under different conditions. The state is working with groups to set up virtual camps as well as outdoor, sport, and learning camps. 

We are only going to be able to get together in small groups this summer. Ten kids, 15 kids. Small groups of people. And also we’re going to try to have a lot more virtual camps and kind of cool, new activities.

Raimondo also assured students of her plans to begin loosening restrictions on businesses and social activities. The governor says her goal is to begin re-opening the economy on May 9, in stages, if the public health crisis continues to improve.

I’m going to make the best choices I can and get us back slowly. First we’re going to test the waters, make sure it’s okay, and then we’ll go a little faster and a little faster.

Raimondo said earlier this week the state was experiencing a favorable trend in the number of coronavirus cases and that the state seems to be having a plateau. The governor praised students for being patient during this time.

Even though it’s incredibly hard and I hope you never have to do this again, it’s working. So you should feel really good about yourselves that even though you’re a kid, you’re playing a role, a really important role, in fighting coronavirus here in Rhode Island.

On a lighter note, Raimondo gave a student advice on how all of us could make life a bit better during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Send somebody a funny text, draw somebody a funny picture, say 'Thank you', say 'I love you.' Just try once a day to do one thing that’ll cheer somebody else up.

Rhode Island has 8,621 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Thursday.