Former Rhode Island Gov. Don Cacieri has remarried, according to RI GOP Chairwoman Sue Cienki.

Cienki said she was recently told by one of Caricieri’s four children, Alison Carcieri-Cassidy, that her father had remarried.

Carcieri, 78, a Republican who served as governor from 2003 to 2011, could not be reached for comment. Nor could Alison Carcieri-Cassidy.

A number of Rhode Island political sources, including Cienki, said they heard that Carcieri had resettled in New Hampshire with his new wife.

The governor’s former wife, Sue Carcieri, died in 2018, at age 76.

The couple was so close, and Sue Carcieri was such an influential adviser to her husband, that she had her own office in the governor’s suite on the second floor of the Statehouse.

The couple was married for 53 years.

Carcieri has kept an increasingly low profile since leaving office and has not kept up with many former staffers. His only recent appearance at the Statehouse was when he came to testify against an abortion-rights bill in 2019.

“I’m happy for him,” John Robitaille, a former high-level aide who now lives in South Carolina, said after learning of Caricier’s new marriage from The Public’s Radio. “I know that he and Sue were so close.”

Sources tell The Public’s Radio that Carcieri met his new wife, a dog breeder in New Hampshire, while looking to adopt a dog and that they hit it off.

The Public’s Radio contacted a New Hampshire dog breeder whose name includes the former governor’s surname. Asked if she could confirm she is the woman who married Carcieri, the woman said, “I’m sorry, no, I can’t help you,” and hung up.

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