The city of Providence has released some eight hours of footage from a July 9th vehicle pursuit that resulted in the arrest of three teenagers, and the suspension of two officers. The two officers, Domingo Diaz and Mitchel Voyer, are now under investigation for excessive use of force by the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office. According to the city, both are on administrative leave with pay.

The footage largely covers the arrest period after the hours-long police pursuit through the streets of Providence. According to police, one of the three occupants in the vehicle flashed what was determined to be a BB gun at an officer during the chase.  

The vehicle operated by the teenagers eventually crashed into a fire hydrant in the area off Manton Ave.

The released video, which has been redacted in part to blur the identities of bystanders and the teenagers, shows a chaotic scene. Police cars from Providence and Pawtucket line the street with sirens and lights flashing. A dark convertible with its top down is smoking from the hood.

Videos of the arrest show the teenagers with their hands up sitting in the convertible. They are pulled out of the car. In one video an officer holds the head of one teenager wearing a black sweatshirt, while another officer repeatedly punches him in the head. 

Several videos show an officer appearing to spit at the young man, before walking away. The teenager appears listless and is moved toward a police cruiser, before being propped up against the vehicle, his head bobbing. 

The videos also capture the reactions of the small gathering of people in the neighborhood who came out of their houses amid the commotion.

“I seen how ten of you jumped on that little passenger boy,” a woman shouts from the sidewalk. “I seen it myself.”

In one of the videos, a woman appears to identify herself as the sister of one of the three people inside the vehicle.

“Where’s my brother?” she asks. 

Earlier this summer, Mayor Jorge Elorza and the city’s public safety commissioner Steven Paré characterized the video of the incident as “appalling.” At the time Paré said the body camera footage would not be released until after the Attorney General’s investigation was complete. 

In an emailed statement released with the body camera video Wednesday afternoon the city police department said the agency will not be making “any additional comments on the furtherance of this ongoing investigation,” following protocol laid out in the state law known as the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBOR).

On Thursday, the Attorney General’s office said the footage was released in response to a request for public records. 

“That authorization was given now that the investigation is substantially complete,” according to an emailed statement from the office. According to the Attorney General, the state completed interviewing witnesses as part of the investigation into the incident this week.

The office said the investigation is ongoing. No charges have been announced against officers Diaz or Voyer.

Black Lives Matter Political Action Committee of Rhode Island said in a statement released Wednesday evening “the videos are yet another example of unnecessary violence on the part of  Providence Police.”

The activist group has emerged as one of the leading voices calling for police reform and accountability in the state over the last year and half. The group is organizing a protest at the Providence Public Safety Complex on Friday, calling for the repeal of LEOBOR.