Hundreds of cars lined up last weekend to get fresh lobsters at the Union Wharf in Fairhaven. Troy Durr, a real estate agent, and his fishermen buddies couldn’t believe how many people had shown up. 

"This is an idea we had had the last two or three years about thinking about a way to sell to the public," Durr said. "And I guess the pandemic just was what put it into motion."

Southcoast Seafood was created on Facebook in late March, after Durr’s family and friends in the seafood industry were beginning to see the negative impacts that COVID-19 was having on their business.

Now, the group is thriving -- selling thousands of lobsters in just a few hours for $6 to $7 a pound...prices far lower than what can be found at a grocery store or fish market.  

Durr said it’s nice to finally see something positive coming out of the pandemic. 

"It's making the fishermen happy and it makes the people happy to get out of their house and support them," said the Mattapoisett-native.

"I think a lot of these people that are supporting this industry and buying fresher are sort of feeling the same way everyone else is so if they can do something positive, it sort of brightens everyone's mood."

Southcoast Seafood recently announced on Facebook that they’re adding scallops to the line-up.

Durr says they’ve already sold out of online orders...and still has over a hundred messages from customers wanting more.

They’ll be lined up in their cars again this weekend.