I moved into my apartment, and I've been here for almost close to a month. Being an adult is not easy. 

Since I'm working constantly and I am at school, I haven't had time to decorate my apartment, so that's one of my goals. It was my goal when I moved in. Then other stuff came up. I wanted to get everything, I wanted to get different blankets, I wanted to get different towels and everything. So my goal before Christmas-- I have a whole month to save up to get a dining room table -- that's why I need two jobs -- to get a couch, to get decoration to make my apartment feel more homey. 

Apart from all the struggle, my favorite part is cooking dinner for myself, and being able to make healthy decisions. Waking up in the morning to catch the bus, as the sun rises. Sitting in the bus and looking out the window, and looking at the waters as we drive across the bridge. Those are the good moments. 

Out of all of it, there’s tears and everything. But there’s these little moments I truly cherish. Like, when I come from work or school and I have homework or have something to do, I get it done. I take a shower, and I wear my comfy slippers. They're dog house slippers, and it literally looks like a puppy with a tongue out of it, it's so cute. And I dance, I dance. I dance to my favorite song. I dance as if I was in ballet class again and it makes me happy. I feel relaxed after that. And then it's time to go to bed. I put on my favorite sleep music on, and I feel comfortable. 

It's like, yeah, I did it. I got through another day. And I'm like, damn girl, I'm proud of you. I'm proud to see how far you have come. And there is more to come. This is just the beginning, not the finale. I’m excited to see what it has.

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