A Note from Ira Glass

Hi New England public radio fans!

I’m not sure how this came to exist… but The Public’s Radio has a stash of 17 episodes of 1990s-era This American Life episodes. On cassette. Back before you could listen on demand, before podcasts and MP3 downloads, that is how we’d hook listeners up with a copy of the show. I didn’t know there were even any still around. 

So, Torey and his team at The Public’s Radio came up with an idea. Make any sort of donation between now and 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 12th, and you’ll automatically qualify to win the This American Life Retro Fan Pack. 

It includes all of these cassettes, as well as a couple episodes of My Radio Playhouse, which was what the show was called before it became This American Life (seriously retro!). And, so you can actually LISTEN to these cassettes, this fan pack includes this great Crosley all-in-one “entertainment center” that has a turntable, a cassette player, a radio, a CD player and Bluetooth. It’s like the kitchen sink of audio players. 

And for a little extra fun, they’re throwing in a This American Life coffee mug and a behind the scenes DVD from 2009.

Make any sort of donation today and you’ll automatically qualify to win!

Thanks so much for your support of all of my colleagues in public media, and especially the journalists at The Public's Radio, who work hard to ensure that you have the local coverage you need. 

All my best,

Ira Glass

Host, This American Life

P.S. Special thanks to our co-founder, Mr. Torey Malatia… who is the only guy I know who would keep a stash of cassettes around for 20 years. They’re right next to his 8-track player.

P.P.S. Already a member or can’t donate right now? Click here to enter the drawing without making a donation. Thanks!