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FCC Public File

FCC-required information about our stations' Online Public Inspection Files.

The "public file" for broadcast stations contains a variety of information about each station’s operations and service to its community of license, including information about political time sold or given away by each station, quarterly lists of the most significant programs each station aired concerning issues of importance to its community, data on ownership of each station and active applications each station has filed with the Commission. The Commission adopted the public inspection file requirement to "make information to which the public already has a right more readily available, so that the public will be encouraged to play a more active part in dialogue with broadcast licensees."

In 2018, the FCC moved all Public Inspection Files to the online system and eliminated the requirement for paper copies to be kept at broadcast stations. Below are links to the Online PIF's for our stations, which includes EEO filings:

The following stations are leased by The Public's Radio, and air our programming, but the licenses are owned by other entities and we have no control nor responsibility over them. We include the links here as a matter of convenience for our listeners.

If you require assistance viewing the Online Public Inspection Files for our stations WNPN, WNPE or WRPA please contact or call 401-351-2800 and ask for help with the Public File.

FCC Public File
FCC Public File