Beginning in March 2020, we are pleased to announce a new service to The Public's Radio listeners! A 24/7/365 channel of news and analysis from the BBC World Service can be heard on our 89.3-HD2 signal via your HD Radio receiver. If you just can't get enough of news from an international perspective, this service is for you!

What's the broadcast schedule? A dynamic daily schedule of the BBC news is available on their website, and a printable PDF's are available at the American Public Media website here.

What's an HD RadioYou likely have one already; many late-model cars already do. See if your radio has a stylized "HD" logo like in the pic above. Just tune to 89.3FM, and after a few seconds it'll switch to digital and you can tune up one notch to the HD2.

Want to get one? Our engineer recommends using Crutchfield to find one that fits your car. For your home, Best Buy also sells a tabletop FM & HD Radio receiver, the NS-HDRAD2, usually for $40 or $50. Sangean also has multiple solid options for in-home HD Radio receivers.