How many of us have been tempted to rush to judgment when we come upon displays of ugly behavior, whether on the smartphone or television screen, during radio broadcasts, or up close and personal in our daily encounters? We may wince when a spokesperson for the opposing political party opines in ways that seem completely irrational and designed to obfuscate. Maybe we shriek when we're cut off by an aggressive driver, or curse when a neighbor blasts heavy metal music late into the night. Perhaps we assume we know what demons lurk within those whose conduct we find distasteful and repugnant, whose opinions rub on us like #40 grit sandpaper. Kelley Alison Smith has been there too, and is here to share some wise, cautionary words.   

Kelley Alison Smith is a nonfiction writer, public health researcher, and avid amateur naturalist who lives with her wife and daughter in Lincoln, Rhode Island.