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The Boston Red Sox will win the World Series. Here’s why.

The Public's Radio sports blogger, Mike Szostak, has high hopes for the Red Sox in their latest bid to win the World Series.

First, they won 108 games during the regular season, a franchise record. They started 17-2, and while they did not maintain that pace, they avoided a long losing streak.

Second, they beat the Yankees, a 100-game winner, in the ALDS, 3-1.

Third, they stunned the Astros, a 103-game winner and the 2017 World Series champion, in the ALCS, 4-1.

Fourth, they have won their last five post-season road games, finishing the Yankees in New York and sweeping the Astros in Houston.

Fifth, when they score more than two runs, they win.

Sixth, everybody is contributing. Jackie Bradley, Jr., the ninth batter in the lineup, drove in nine runs against the Astros and was the ALCS MVP. Starting pitchers have thrown effectively in relief.

Seventh, nobody is complaining. Third baseman Rafael Devers and first baseman Mitch Moreland sit because a lefty starts for the Dodgers? No worries. They will be cheering for Edouardo Nunez and Steve Pearce.

Eighth, the bullpen is pitching better than it has all year. Yes, closer Craig Kimbrel makes us a little nervous, but he was impressive in the pennant clincher at Houston.

Ninth, Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley, Jr., and Mookie Betts, left to right, are the best outfield in baseball.

Tenth, Alex Cora has managed this team with the poise and confidence of a 15-year veteran, not a rookie.

The Dodgers deserve respect. They won 91 games and beat Colorado in a special playoff to determine the NL West champion. They eliminated the Braves in four games and the Brewers in seven.  They are good.

But in 2018 the Boston Red Sox are better, which is why I say, “Sox in Six!”

A night game at Fenway p
A night game at Fenway p
The Boston Red Sox will win the World Series. Here’s why.
The Boston Red Sox will win the World Series. Here’s why.