Hey folks, how would you like to be the leader of a rising private school located in the beauty of New Hampshire? Sounds pretty darn good, right? You’d be making two hundred thousand a year, maybe more. Pretty good right? Well, you’re wrong, at least in a startling play called “Admissions” now at The Gamm Theatre in Warwick.

If you go -- and you should -- you will find yourself in a work going hard, fast, and comical for about an hour and 45 minutes. There’s no intermission either. But the power, humor and realness will keep you hooked.

Written by Joshua Harmon, a New York regular, this play is filled with quicksilver changes, changes that come forward out of nowhere, and later, shown to be right all the way.

The play begins with the wife of the leader. She’s a lanky, tall woman with strong beliefs that she’s going to put to work. You see, she and her husband are lefties, always fighting for the better times of downtrodden Americans, especially blacks.

It’s her way -- which means doing what she demands. Her husband is with her, but with an easier drive.

This is the core of the play. Their hopes and demands backfire sometimes. The lefties are goodhearted, author Harmon says. But he adds that they can go overboard, too. Using the higher status with too much fire, too much drive.

Also coming on is the son, a hotshot kid who gets high grades and plays baseball and basketball too.

“Admissions” is full on. Everybody is fighting hard and stating their beliefs with anger and laughs, loudly and long.

Boston actor Deb Martin is a wonder. She is hilarious one minute, completely weeping another. Her performance is well thought-out in every way and given on stage with complete power.

Jacob Osborne is wonderful as the son, trying to grow up and having a tough time of it. Karen Carpenter and Jim O’Brien shine in smaller roles. And then there’s the veteran Wendy Overly as an old time at the school who is battling with her boss. She’s funny as can be one time, and sad in another, in great work by a veteran.

So “Admissions” is a play that goes on with great pride, great problems. But it is great in its own way. A work all about today.

“Admissions” is playing at The Gamm Theatre now through February 9th. Bill Gale reviews theatre and dance for The Public’s Radio.