After a weekend spent negotiating, Stop & Shop and its union have still not agreed on a new contract. So more than 30,000 employees remain on strike across parts of New England.

Workers rallied outside a Stop & Shop in Fall River, marking the fourth full day of the strike. The rally featured two members of Massachusetts’ congressional delegation: Democrats Joe Kennedy and Bill Keating.

"You’ve got a massive company that’s made a whole boatload of money and now took stock buybacks and is trying to maintain their bottom line and put that back on folks who stock shelves in a grocery store and feed a community," Kennedy said. "If there’s an example of what’s wrong in our economy today it is this."

Likewise, Keating blasted Stop & Shop for not being more generous with its workers after making $2 billion in profits last year.

In a statement, Stop & Shop emphasized that it has proposed a pay increase for all employees. It also said that, despite its proposed increase in employee's health insurance premiums, those premiums would still be below the national average. The union counters by arguing that higher premiums will effectively erase any gains in hourly wages.

The strike is the longest private sector strike in the United States in three years.