After the violence at the Capitol building in D.C. Jan. 6, Rhode Island, like other states around the country, has ramped up its police presence to prepare for the worst.

Colonel James Manni, director of public safety, said there has been no credible threat made to Rhode Island since the insurrection of the Capitol building Jan. 6. Manni said he does not expect there to be any threats on Inauguration Day either.

 He credits the quiet weeks to an increased presence of police and national guard in the state. 

“I firmly believe that this weekend, and up to this point, have been quiet because of the increased level of security,” said Manni. “It acted as a deterrent for anyone that might want to come to one of the state capitols to cause harm.”

Manni said the state is more than prepared to keep everyone safe.

“We are prepared for any incident if one should occur,” said Manni. “And the message I would send to the people who think they should come to the statehouse to cause disruption, if they do, they will be held accountable for their actions.”

Manni said increased security will remain in the state for as long as needed, not indicating when they will lower the police presence.