Rhode Island’s Attorney General Peter Neronha says the recently released list of clergy accused of child sexual abuse does not mark the end of his office’s involvement in such matters.

 Neronha says the matter is continuously under review, a term the Attorney General was quick to point out is not an investigation which would likely involve subpoenas and a grand jury.

Neronha says the report -- which lists 50 accused priests and deacons -- will become part of that ongoing review.

“And so it’s a step in the process. It’s more information that obviously we’re going to take a look at and compare it to what we already know,” said Neronha. “But from where I sit it’s not the end of our review.”

Other information already available to the Attorney General’s office includes disclosures of accusations against clergy directly to law enforcement.

Since 2016, the Providence Diocese has agreed to notify the Attorney General’s office of any allegation of child sexual abuse by a member of the clergy, as part of a memorandum of understanding.  But Neronha says the release of list does raise questions.

“For me what I’m interested in is, what allegations were made, against whom, under what circumstances, over what period of time, what the response was, and those are some of the questions I’d like to get answered as part of my review,” said Neronha.