Scott McKay: Well, first of all, the election really was a blow out for new Mayor Paul Coogan. Jo, what is the take away that you have from this recent election?

Jo Goode: This recent election was probably one of the stranger ones that Fall River has seen, even for Fall River. We had a mayor indicted twice on the ballot. He stepped aside from his campaign and he stepped aside from his duties as mayor in October. And then his chief of staff, the next day, announced that she was going to run a write-in campaign. And that would that was her sixth loss, actually. So for even Fall River, it was it was a different kind of election.

Scott McKay: Now, Nadine, you've talked with Mayor Correia. And he still seems defiant.

Nadine Sebai: He is. I met with him at the Portugalia Market in Fall River. And I sat with him and he seemed fairly on edge and a little bit in defense mode when I met with him. But when you speak to him, he is completely defiant, as you mentioned. He says he is not guilty of all charges. And his plan, he told me, is that he's going to win his trial and then run for election again for mayor.

Scott McKay: Wow. And it's interesting because, Jo, you look at what he's been accused of. It's a whole bunch of stuff. Some of this is almost you'd think it would happen in Boston or Providence or a bigger city. Shaking down these folks who want to open marijuana shops in the city. And it doesn't look like his legal troubles are necessarily over, does it?

Jo Goode: No, it doesn't. I can tell you that the FBI and HUD investigators have been in city hall. I myself rode the elevator with the two of them and I had recognized them from federal court. So people are still going in, being questioned. It looks like the grand jury is still active. I would say that it might be looking like another pay-to-play if another indictment comes down, maybe this time with developers.

Scott McKay: Now, what's the mood at city hall, Nadine? You've been around there recently. Are longtime employees worried that the new mayor, Coogan, is going to do some mass firing or not?

Nadine Sebai: I spoke to several people within city hall like the auditors and people within the clerk's office -- and most people post-Correia drama are saying, 'We are just trying to do our jobs. That is our goal is to continue to try to do our jobs.' And there has been concern that Coogan is going to come in and do some sort of mass firing of anyone associated with Correia. But, Jo, you can correct me if I'm wrong, that was kind of brought about by someone within the mayor's office.

Jo Goode: Correct.

Scott McKay: There's a lot of intrigue these days as city hall. Is that what's going on these days?

Jo Goode: There's been intrigue for quite a while. It's an interesting place. But I would say that, as Mr. Coogan has expressed to me, he's upset that folks think that he's going to come in and with a 'machete,' as he's said. And he's not. I was with him yesterday when he started visiting different departments and meeting department heads. Will some people be gone? Sure. I think that's just that's just the nature of the beast. But I think that he's expressed to me that he's going to be calculating about it. He wants to rate people and wants to see if they're good at their job. And if they are good at their job, they're safe, according to him.

Scott McKay: So good performers probably aren't going to be headed out the door then. Is that the consensus?

Jo Goode: I think so.

Nadine Sebai: Agreed.

Scott McKay: I'm wondering just what you think Jasiel Correia's legacy will be besides his legal troubles? He had these big plans for Fall River -- he's going to make the city look better and started all these initiatives, but he really didn't get to finish many of them, did he, Jo?

Jo Goode: No, he didn't. And as far as his legacy. I don't know if it's going to be much more than a 23-year old came in high as a kite and then fell real fast and real hard. There was a lot of hope for for this young mayor. And now he's...

Scott McKay: Crashed and burned pretty young, didn't he?

Jo Goode: It would seem right now, yeah.

Scott McKay: Fall River people must be a little weary by now. You've had three elections in a year. So is Coogan looking for some stability? Is that going to be one of the things we'll be right on his radar?

Nadine Sebai: That's what he keeps on saying. I mean, throughout the campaign trail, he kept on saying we're gonna bring honesty and integrity to city hall. And even having the acting mayor, Cliff Ponte, there. I think his space in that realm right now is to also bring some sort of stability. And I think that that's what a lot of Fall River residents want.

Jo Goode: I agree with that 100-percent. They are weary but there's also been this sigh of relief that I've noticed in the city and hopefully that'll be maintained.

Scott McKay: That the city's nightmare is over, at least for now?

Jo Goode: Hopefully.

Scott McKay: Well, thank you both very, very much. Nadine Sebai from The Public's Radio and Jo Goode from the Fall River Herald News.