Governors Raimondo and Baker are strategizing as their administrations are facing separate legal challenges to their executive orders, banning the sale of vaping products. Raimondo says the two are trying to come up with one solution to control these new products.

“We are going to make an effort to try to regionalize our approach,” Raimondo said. “You can imagine, that when we come out with our final regulations, we’re going to do what we can to mirror them to other states since we all operate in the same region.”

Raimondo said that collaborative approach could also work for regulations on recreational marijuana. The Governor said she and Gov. Lamont were interested in learning more about Gov. Baker’s experience with the new industry. 

“His big caution to us was, ‘include provisions around drug driving,” Raimondo said. “[Baker] thought that was something that probably should have been done in Massachusetts and that we should do.

But it’s unclear whether Raimondo will support marijuana legalization by the upcoming legislative session.

The three continued a discussion on transportation improvements, including expanded high-speed rail service between the states. They also discussed sharing data across states and saving money by making joint purchases. 

“We’re all purchasing, say a Microsoft license,” Raimondo said, referring to the computer software. “If you’re all purchasing the same thing, you combine that, and you’re able to save money. It’s really money savings for the taxpayers of all of our states and that’s a concrete thing we’ve done.”

This is the second time the three governors met in an official, but informal setting. Over the course of about two hours spent on the campus of Rhode Island College, Raimondo, Lamont and Baker exchanged ideas, shared a meal, and held a press conference.