The head of Providence Teachers Union says they’re ready to renegotiate their contract, which is up after the end of the current school year.

This contract will be the first negotiated under the state education commissioner Angelica Infante-Green who now controls the district. According to Providence Teachers Union head Maribeth Calabro, some initial conversations have already begun between the union and Infante-Green.

Calabro said the two parties are waiting for a new superintendent to be named before any negotiations begin in earnest, but she says she already has a sense of some of the issues she believes the commissioner will want to discuss.

“Extending school time for the days, or potentially for the year,” Calabro said. “Professional development and looking for more professional development for teachers.

Other issues that could come up for negotiation include hiring practices, leave of absence policies, and the use and accrual of leave.

Any major disagreements over the state takeover have largely been kept out of the public spotlight so far, but negotiations between the union and the city became contentious when the most recent contract was hammered out, just last year. 

"I’m a lot less concerned than my teachers are," Calabro said. "My teachers are extremely resilient first of all. Second of all, this isn’t my first rodeo in terms of negotiating a contract, so I think we’re extremely prepared and ready."