On Wednesday, the board also provided a list of recommendations for the takeover. The board currently oversees disciplinary hearings and approves contracts and policies for the district. Those powers could be stripped from the board in a state takeover.

In an introduction to the list, the school board wrote that many of the recommendations had been attempted in the past, but failed due to lack of support or authority.

Additionally, the four groups that can lodge a formal objection to the takeover declined to do so. The deadline to file any objection was Wednesday. Those groups include the School Board, City Council, Mayor’s office, and Providence Superintendent’s office.  

Four primarily student-led organizations filed a motion Wednesday with the State Department of Education and the Education Commissioner’s office to require community participation in the proposed state takeover of the Providence schools.

Zack Mezera leads the nonprofit Providence Student Union, one of the petitioning organizations. He says he’s concerned the state intervention will not include enough input from students and parents.

“If that is done with a preconceived agenda, or behind closed doors, with a small set of people who have already decided what the issues are, then I feel like it’s just a coin toss whether we’re going to be successful in this process,” Mezera said.

The groups want a formal role for parent and student input in the state takeover, public review of the plan, and a role in selecting a new school superintendent.

Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green maintains the state will seek the community’s participation.

“Whatever fears people have about not being at the table, they will be at the table,” Infante-Green said. “They will be part of the planning. They will be part of the execution. We can’t do this alone. “

Under the proposal, the state could sideline the city council, school board and mayor’s office in managing the public schools. If it moves forward, the state takeover is expected to begin in late October.