President of the Providence School Board Nick Hemond says he will step down from his position as head of the body Wednesday, before the end of his term this winter. Hemond’s decision was first reported by the Boston Globe. 

This summer marks a decade on the board for Hemond, who was first appointed by then-Mayor Angel Taveras in 2011. He was elected president of the board in 2016. 

Hemond said he originally planned to take the step this summer. He remained on through the personnel controversy surrounding then-Superintendent Harrison Peters, when a deputy hired by Peters was accused of assaulting a minor. Peters resigned in May.

Before Peters’ resignation the board voted “no confidence” when he failed to show up for a school board meeting. 

When the state takeover of the Providence schools began in 2019, the duties of the school board were reduced. Hemond said part of his work in the last two years has been to “set up a post-takeover position for the board.”

The board has largely been sidelined from policy making for the schools since the takeover began. In an interview Tuesday, Hemond said the board has had greater input into the state turnaround effort since Gov. Dan McKee began his tenure this spring. 

Hemond characterized his working relationship with Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green and interim Superintendent Javier Montañez as positive. 

The board still handles some personnel, disciplinary and budgeting issues for the schools, but Hemond says it remains an important public forum for families, students and teachers to voice concerns, including about the takeover. 

“We continued to be the place where all the public input comes,” Hemond said. 

Hemond said a combination of growing personal and professional commitments, as well as his decade of service contributed to the decision. Earlier this year, fellow longtime board member Nina Pande also stepped down.

Hemond said he plans to support fellow board member Kinzel Thomas to succeed him as head of the group.