Providence interim Superintendent Fran Gallo is leaving her position after about five months leading the state’s largest district. Gallo stepped in as full-time interim superintendent after the departure of former head Chris Maher.

Gallo helped prepare the district for the current school year, after the release of a highly critical report from Johns Hopkins University. She’s also helped shepherd the district through the first weeks of the state takeover of the schools, under education commissioner Angelica Infante-Green.

Gallo was never expected to stay on past the takeover, as a new superintendent, picked by Infante-Green, was anticipated to be installed by the November first deadline.

There is still no new superintendent for the schools, though Infant-Green says talks are ongoing with candidates.

Gallo came out of retirement to lead the Providence school district after years in public education administration. She had worked in Providence before, and had been head of Central Falls schools, where she led that district’s turnaround effort. Gallo became famous for the mass firing, and rehiring of teachers in the tiny city.

Due to retirement requirements Gallo has limits to the number of days she can work in Providence. She’s is leaving her post Friday, and has reserved 10 days to return to the district and help the as-yet unnamed superintendent get their footing.

In a statement the Rhode Island Department of Education said, “Dr. Gallo has been a critical partner for us, not just in maintaining day to day operations for Providence schools, but also in helping to drive the turnaround work forward.”

In the meantime, Dorothy Smith, the former acting superintendent, will take on the role until a new fulltime leader is announced.