Investigators reviewing an incident at the Wyatt Detention Center are focused on collecting statements and reviewing video of the episode, Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha said Thursday.

Video footage shows a corrections officer, identified by Wyatt as Captain Thomas Woodworth, driving a pickup truck into a group of protesters attempting to block the prison (which is operated by a quasi-municipal corporation created by the legislature) on Wednesday night. At least several people were hurt.

Neronha said his office and Rhode Island State Police are collecting information from witnesses and videos of the episode. Independent reporter Steve Ahlquist was among those recording video at the scene in Central Falls.

“I can’t really share what we know at this point, in part because that’s incomplete,” Neronha said during an interview at The Public’s Radio, “and I don’t want to get ahead of where I think it’s important for prosecutors to be – which is, get the facts, understand what they are and then put them in context with what the law is.”

Neronha said he expects it will take weeks to determine the outcome of the investigation.

In a statement, Wyatt said Woodworth has been placed on administrative leave.

“Warden Daniel Martin is also conducting a top to bottom review of the incident, Wyatt correctional officers’ response, and the Wyatt’s protocols regarding protest activities outside of the facility,” according to the prison’s statement. “The Wyatt supports the First Amendment right of citizens to peacefully protest on public property surrounding the facility, and the First Amendment right of journalists to report on the facility.”

The protest of the Wyatt prison was organized by Never Again Providence, a group critical of President Trump’s immigration policies and the detention of people at Wyatt.

“As protesters surrounded the truck, about a dozen correctional officers from Wyatt descended on the crowd,” Never Again Providence said in a statement. “When protesters refused to move, officers pepper sprayed dozens of people and physically pushed them.”

Never Again Providence said Jared Goldstein was among the protesters sitting in the path of the truck.

“The truck came barreling towards us, and was clearly trying to run us over,” Goldstein said in the group’s statement. “This was a group of peaceful protesters who were pepper sprayed and almost run over by correctional officers from the same facility we were here to protest.”

A number of Rhode Island elected officials issued statements about the incident.

“I share the outrage Rhode Islanders are feeling about the incident depicted in the video at the Wyatt Detention Center,” said Gov. Gina Raimondo. “Our state and our nation were built on the idea that everyone has a right to express their opinion publicly and peacefully. President Trump’s immigration policies are immoral, and these Rhode Islanders were exercising their constitutional right to protest. I am in communication with Rhode Island State Police Colonel Jim Manni regarding the events of last night, and we are committed to a full investigation.”

Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea called the incident “a painful reminder on the dangers of privatizing our prisons. When companies profit from putting people behind bars, you create an economy that does not value immigration or criminal justice reform. You also get situations like the ones last night at Wyatt where the safety and constitutional rights of people are put at serious risk.”

The Wyatt has become a source ongoing controversy in Central Falls since originally being envisioned as a revenue source for the small city north of Providence.