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Minimum Wage Set To Rise In 4 New England States

The minimum wage is going up in four New England states next week, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and Vermont. Connecticut and New Hampshire will not see a minimum wage increase. New England Public Radio's Sam Hudzik has more.

Massachusetts continues to lead the minimum wage race. Affected Bay State workers will get $12.00 an hour next year. Rhode Island's wage will rise forty cents to $10.50.  

Maine, still abiding by a voter-approved ballot question, will increase its minimum wage to $11.00 an hour. And in Vermont, where increases are now somewhat tied to inflation, workers will get a bump to $10.78 an hour.

That leaves Connecticut holding steady at $10.10, the second lowest in New England. That could change with Governor-elect Ned Lamont taking office in January. New Hampshire has no state minimum wage so it defers to the federal rate, of $7.25 an hour.