Eight year old Callan Duquette has leukemia. He has to avoid public places where germs can harm his volatile immune system.

"I can’t go shopping or be in a big crowd anymore," he says.

Callan has been staying at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital for over a year now. Chemotherapy is terrible, he says, but it’s all made easier because of family, his favorite nurse Paula, and friends he’s met at the hospital.

Like his friend Tommy who also has leukemia. Callan says their blood levels, which determine white and red blood cell counts, are in sync.

"My levels will be low and his levels will be high [and] my levels will be high and his levels will be low," Callan says laughing. "It’s funny." 

Callan’s mom, Ally Duquette, says the hospital setting actually helps create a sense of normalcy for the family. 

"To have all these people from doctors, nurses to other parents to other kids that live on that same planet with you," Duquette says. "It’s like you come in here and you feel normal. And the kids can feel normal."

And in the spirit of being a normal eight year old, Callan makes it very clear what he wants this Christmas. 

"Legos!" he screams, saying it loud enough to ensure Santa can hear him.