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Massachusetts Judge Rules Ban On Recording Police, Others Unconstitutional


A Federal Court Judge has struck down a Massachusetts law that prohibits making secret recordings of police officers or government officials in public places.

The ruling calls audio and audio visual recordings “uniquely reliable and powerful” methods of disseminating information.

It says they’re clearly protected by the First Amendment, even when made secretly. The ruling comes in response to two cases filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

“Law enforcement officers are out in our community every day, they are being paid with public dollars, they are operating in the public's name, so it's important they continue to be held accountable,” said Jessie Rossman, an ACLU attorney.

The state Attorney General’s office says it’s currently reviewing the ruling. The Judge is asking both sides for input on an order she says she’ll issue later to protect recordings of government officials.

Boston's federal courthouse
Boston's federal courthouse