Fall River’s real estate attorney found that former city administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros saved over 50 percent on her tax bill despite the fact that she had done $30,000 in renovations on her home. The value of it, which should have increased after the upgrade, instead dropped by almost 30 percent.

Viveiros told The Public’s Radio a different story in late October.

"My tax bill never went down," Viveiros said. "The amount of dollars I was paying in tax was consistent and was actually increasing over time."

The attorney said Benjamin Mello, a Fall River assessor who resigned amid the controversy, improperly decreased the value of the home without actually visiting the property. 

Now, incoming mayor Paul Coogan says he’s going to make changes to prevent the situation from happening again. 

"I’m going to have someone [in that office] that’s honorable and does things the right way for everybody in the city.," Coogan said. "It’s not going to be based on what some person wants, it’s going to be based on a policy that applies to everyone."

The city’s law department has suggested that the acting mayor conduct further analysis of what happened and take any necessary action with the city administrator.