It took Ralph Wilbur and his crew at Ocean State Pyrotechnics seven and a half hours to prepare for a private fireworks show in Sandwich, Massachusetts during the Fourth of July holiday. 

"Setting up is the hardest part," Wilbur says. "But I like what I do. It's fun."

The three-act show was drawn out on paper weeks ahead of time. Dozens of the explosives were hand placed into protective barrels by the crew.

The fireworks were then connected through wires to an electric box over 400 ft away. That’s where Wilbur and his technician Mikayla Labbe orchestrate the show. 

"At the end of the day I know that every single person that walks out on this field has been trained," Labbe says. "So you know that the person next to you is doing everything safely. And that’s what allows this to be fun."

Ocean State Pyrotechnic crews will put on a staggering 25 shows across New England for the Fourth of July holiday.