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Where Did The Trick-Or-Treaters Go? To The Parking Lot


On Halloween night, trick-or-treaters will be going door-to-door to ask for candy. But some parents have been choosing a different option for their kids.

It’s called trunk-or-treating. That’s when volunteers give out candy from the trunk of their cars in parking lots at places like schools or businesses. Michael Moran with the Bridgepoint Christian Church said he thinks trunk-or-treating is safer. He said that’s because the church screens the volunteers before letting them hand out candy.

“That allows parents to know, well these aren’t just strangers. Even if I don’t know who they are, someone at least knows who they are,” Moran said.

Bridgepoint Christian Church recently hosted its own trunk-or-treat event. Organizers say about 1,100 people participated. Other trunk-or-treating events will be happening Wednesday night in West Greenwich, Smithfield, and Wakefield.  

Elementary student attends a trunk-or-treat event in Georgia.
Elementary student attends a trunk-or-treat event in Georgia.