The Fall River City Council could vote Tuesday on a proposal to radically change the role of mayor. That comes just days after the second federal indictment of the current mayor, Jasiel Correia. He faces charges of bribery, extortion, wire and tax fraud.

The amendment to the city charter would do away with the current governing structure, with a mayor and city council as separate entities. Instead, a city manager would be hired by the council and serve as the city’s executive.

“So if a city manager, as an example, did something that was inappropriate or worthy of being removed from office, you don’t need to wait for the voters to make that determination or in the case that we’re currently facing, a jury or court,” said Steve Camara, a City Councilor working on the amendment effort.

Correia maintains his innocence and says he will not step down from his position.

Under the proposed change, the mayor and a deputy mayor role would be incorporated into the council. The positions would become leadership roles in both the council and school committee.

Correia is currently up for reelection. Next week he will be part of a preliminary election in which the top two candidates will move onto a general election.