The ban is aimed at products, some in brightly colored packages, with flavors like coconut, mango and strawberry milk, which appear to be targeted at young people. Exactly which flavors, will be determined by the state health department.

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo signed an executive order Wednesday, that limits the scope of the ban, meaning some vape product will remain on the shelves.

“The crisis that’s here before us, right now, that I am most worried about is for our kids, for our children, who are using these products at an alarming rate, at an increasing rate and predominately the flavored products,” Raimondo said.

The State Department of Health will draft the emergency regulations, laying out which products will be removed from the shelves. Once enacted, the regulations will last 120 days, with the option of a 60 day extension.

The executive order was met with approval from the American Lung Association. But opponents say these products are important tools for adults trying to get off traditional cigarettes.

Michigan and New York have announced similar flavored vaping bans and the federal government could soon do the same. Recently, a outbreak of vaping related respiratory problems has caused the CDC to raise alarms about the products.

According to the Rhode Island Health Department, no such vaping illness had been confirmed in the state as of Wednesday.