ORANGE, Calif. (AP) — The family of a 6-year-old Southern California boy who was shot to death by another driver in a road-rage attack announced a $50,000 reward on Sunday for information leading to the arrest of a suspect.

The mother of Aiden Leos told KNSD-TV she was driving her son to school Friday morning when a white Volkswagen station wagon cut her off on State Route 55 in the city of Orange.

“As I was merging away from the carpool lane, I heard a loud noise and I heard my son say ‘ow’ and I pulled the car over as soon as possible, and he had been shot," Joanna Cloonan, said. She said the bullet went through the trunk and struck her son, who was strapped into his booster seat in the rear passenger side.

"I tried to save him by calling 911, but he was losing a lot of blood... he just didn’t deserve that. No one deserves that.”

Reyes Valdivia, who along with his wife pulled over to help, said Cloonan told them she “flipped off” the car, and when she started transitioning to the right, the suspect vehicle slipped behind her before one of the occupants fired the shot.

Investigators believe a man and a woman were inside the Volkswagen at the time of the shooting.

The California Highway Patrol asked for assistance from any drivers who were on that section of freeway between 7:55 a.m. and 8:15 a.m., especially if their vehicles have dashboard cameras.