Over two-dozen residents that live near Northeast Alternatives have been complaining about the noise and air pollution, and major traffic congestion in their dead-end roadway for weeks. The dispensary, which was projected to have over 23,000 visitors this year, is open seven days a week. 

Resident Grace McDonald-Nay, who has expressed her concerns to the city’s traffic committee, told city councilors she doesn’t know what to do. There are 18-wheelers driving through their cul de sac. humming and hissing noises from the dispensary that are so loud it wakes them up at night, and school age children that live near the dispensary where a foul odor blankets the street. 

"During holidays it is unbelievable," McDonald-Nay said. "We have RV’s parked in front of houses with children from California, New York, Missouri, you name it. All over the country. This is a cul de sac."

The city council says it will hold a meeting in the next couple weeks to determine what enforcement power the city has over the dispensary which received its license from the state.