Shortly after Mayor Correia was recalled from office and re-elected last week, he revoked voting privileges from school committee members Mark Costa and Paul Coogan.

 Coogan ran against the mayor in the election and Costa supported him. In a talk show interview, the mayor admitted to removing Costa and Coogan because they opposed him.

 Coogan said he thinks resolutions like this shouldn’t be necessary.

 “I believe that if you have a hard-working, honest mayor that puts the city first than you don’t really need this extra layer of checks and balances, but I think [Correia] does a lot of this stuff in the best interest of him,” Coogan commented. 

 But Fall River council president Cliff Ponte said the new resolution will prevent what he calls “bad politics” -- removing city members out of revenge.

 “The dark cloud continues to get cast over the community and as a result of that the council feels that they want to be a part of making sure that this stuff does not happen or continue and that I believe is the main preface behind the council resolution,” Ponte said.

 Mayor Correia was indicted on 13 federal charges of wire and tax fraud last October.