The city council blocked the embattled mayor’s move to eliminate a cap on the number of marijuana licenses the city can have at any given time. The mayor was indicted this month for allegedly extorting marijuana vendors for cash and sometimes accepting payments in the form of 12 to 15 pounds of marijuana. 

City councilor Shawn Cadime says the next course of action will be to establish an ordinance that would require the council to approve licenses alongside the mayor. 

"It’s going to be important that we establish some type of policy that puts into place the vetting process for these companies to come in," Cadime said. "So we know they’re on a legitimate basis and that [the licenses] are not arbitrarily being handed over."

Correia says a limit on marijuana licenses eliminates competition and a valuable source of additional revenue to the city. The council’s order will cap the number of licenses at 20% the number of off-premise liquor licenses.