The twice-arrested mayor says he won’t drop out of the race, even though he received just 21-percent of the vote during the last preliminary election. Correia’s opponent, school committee member Paul Coogan, received three times that amount. 

Correia was indicted 11 days before the preliminary election for allegedly extorting marijuana vendors for cash and defrauding investors through an app he started before he became mayor.

Now, Correia is betting on a write-in candidate to possibly sway the outcome of the race in his favor. 

"There are some people that will not be able to get over the fact that there have been two indictments launched against me," Correia says, which will lead residents to vote for Coogan by default. "What we're doing is saying, 'Look I hear you but I still want you to change your vote. What you should do is actually vote for myself or anyone else that represents core values that the city believes in.'"

The idea behind that is that people will get excited about a write in candidate and that will take votes away from Coogan and potentially give Correia a majority win. 

Coogan says that’s unethical.

"That strategy tells you where he is with his values," Coogan says. "I hope there’s not a candidate in the country that has similar values to him."

Fall River voters will head to the polls on November 5th.