Over the last few months, Infante-Green was considering at least three out-of-state candidates. It’s unclear who she made the offer to, or what the response has been.

In the meantime interim superintendent, Fran Gallo will continue to lead the district, as the takeover begins. Gallo will answer directly to Infante-Green after the state intervention. She is also expected to stay on in a consulting role even after a new school leader arrives.

When the state intervention begins, all authority over the Providence schools will be transferred to Infante-Green, stripping power from the Mayor’s office, School Board and City Council.

As part of the state intervention, Infante-Green has said she will create a turnaround plan for with the new superintendent. That plan is expected in early 2020.

The commissioner has said there will be few major changes in the early part of the state takeover. However, the unprecedented intervention will last at least five years, and could dramatically overhaul the system, including school closures and rewriting the teachers contract.